The Dunacell X WaterMiniLab Case Study

2023. september 22. - 2023. november 22.
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Implementation of the Water MiniLab MiniLab Tool at Dunacell Ltd.: A Revolutionary Case Study

Overview of MiniLab Technology

The MiniLab tool developed by Water MiniLab offers a state-of-the-art solution for wastewater treatment plants, enabling accurate and reliable analysis of wastewater composition.

This automated water quality testing instrument brings laboratory-grade measurement accuracy directly to the site, supporting the optimisation of wastewater treatment processes and reducing treatment costs.

Pilot Project implemented at Dunacell Ltd.

In September 2023, the MiniLab instrument installed at the Dunacell Ltd. wastewater treatment plant implemented daily sampling, which supported the management of the plant's average daily capacity of 3000-3500 m3. During the project, the MiniLab measured a wide range of parameters including COD, PO4-P, NH4-N, and NO3-N, ensuring continuous monitoring of water quality.

Samples were taken from the last aerated basin and filtered with a 0.3 𝜇m porosity filter to ensure the accuracy of the measurements.

Results And Impacts

During the pilot project, the MiniLab system provided excellent measurement accuracy, even the high amount of lignin present in the effluent did not interfere with the measurement, which is often a challenge for conventional measuring instruments.

The optimised filtration system and the use of new cuvettes allowed the accuracy to be maintained during each measurement. The stable and reliable data provided by the system allowed plant managers to make the necessary operational interventions in a timely manner.

Conclusions And Recommendations

The implementation of MiniLab technology at Dunacell Ltd. has successfully demonstrated the value of modern automated water quality measurement solutions for wastewater treatment.

The use of such technologies not only improves measurement accuracy and reliability, but can also result in significant cost savings for the utilities.

Using the Water MiniLab MiniLab tool is a key step towards more efficient, sustainable wastewater treatment.

If you want to make your wastewater treatment more cost-effective and reliable, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

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Eisenberger Dávid
Waste water treatment plant manager
Dunacell Kft.


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