Automated water quality measurement
designed for industrial environment

Multi-parameter laboratory-precision water quality measuring instruments for reliable and energy-efficient wastewater treatment plant operation.

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Our solution

The Water MiniLab's automatic water quality measuring instrument can measure numerous water chemistry parameters with laboratory precision. Uniquely, it is capable of sampling from treated wastewater and bioreactors, as well as from pre-settled sewage.

Our solution
For industrial plants
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For municipal wastewater treatment plants
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Simple installation and operation
Reliable measurement results with laboratory accuracy
Automatic data transmission, decision support
Measurement of 5 parameters in one instrument

Data analysis and decision support

The use of our water analysis device becomes complete with its associated custom-developed software. The software is accessible via phone or PC, allowing for easy and mobile monitoring of water quality. The measurement data uploaded to the cloud are analyzed and visualized, making them easily applicable for decision support or even forecasting.

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Energy saving
The instrument is specifically designed for energy saving purposes and can take accurate and frequent measurements of the parameters needed to optimise aeration.
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Monitoring the quality of treated waste water
Measuring the water chemistry parameters of treated wastewater has a number of advantages, as it helps to manage the effluent and protect the environment.
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Monitoring the quality of raw sewage
Measuring the water chemistry parameters of influent wastewater can have a number of benefits that contribute to environmental protection and water treatment efficiency.
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Measurement points

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Interested in the details of how our instrument works?

Read the technical material compiled by our engineers.

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Water quality measurement - How the WML system works
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