Energy saving

The instrument is specifically designed for energy saving purposes and can take accurate and frequent measurements of the parameters needed to optimise aeration.


Optimizing the control of aeration can save up to 10-30% of energy, which requires choosing the right instrumentation for such purpose. The instrument we have developed measures reliably and accurately while sampling every 10 minutes. This and the low running costs make it ideal for energy saving projects.

Technical specification

Measurable water samples: bioreactors, treated wastewater

Measuring range:
- Ammonium-nitrogen: 0.1 - 14 000 ppm
- Nitrate-nitrogen: 2-5000 ppm
- pH: 2-12
- Temperature: 0-50 °C‍

Communication: GSM
Power requirements: 230V, 10 A, 1 phase
Maintenance requirement: 6 months
Operating temperature: -10 - 40 °C
Maximum measurement frequency: 10 minutes

WML product from the insideWML product from the inside

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