Monitoring the quality of treated waste water

Measuring the water chemistry parameters of treated wastewater has many benefits in terms of helping to manage the effluent and protect the environment. Below we show why it is worthwhile and important, as well as mandatory, to measure the composition of effluent.


  1. Monitoring the efficiency of wastewater treatment:
    Measuring the water chemistry parameters of the effluent allows continuous monitoring of the quality and pollution levels of the effluent. This allows measures to be taken to improve the efficiency of the wastewater treatment system.
  2. Industrial process control:
    Measuring effluent water quality helps industrial companies to control their own processes and take appropriate measures to comply with environmental regulations.
  3. Environmental protection:
    Measuring the composition of effluent water helps to minimise pollution of natural waters, helping to protect the environment and water bodies.
  4. Compliance with environmental regulations:
    Water chemistry measurements help industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants to easily check that their discharges comply with environmental regulations and meet the required limits.
  5. Improve water quality:
    Measurement results can be used to improve wastewater treatment technologies, which can help improve the quality of discharged water and reduce environmental impacts.
  6. Rational resource management:
    Measurements can be used to reduce the number of trips to the plant and relieve the burden on an overburdened laboratory, thus contributing to sustainable water management.

These benefits underline that the measurement of the water chemistry parameters of the effluent is crucial for environmental protection and efficient water treatment. Measurements help to develop more sustainable and healthier water treatment processes.

Technical specifications

Measurable water samples: bioreactors, treated wastewater

Measuring range:
     - KOI LR: 50 - 300 ppm
     - KOI MR: 100 - 1600 ppm
     - KOI HR: 300 - 3200 ppm
     - NH4-N LR: 0,1 - 3 ppm
     - NH4-N MR: 0,3 - 10 ppm
     - NH4-N HR: 3 - 80 ppm
     - NO2-N: 0,05 - 0,6 ppm
     - NO3-N: 4 - 30 ppm
     - PO4-P LR: 0,05 - 1 ppm
     - PO4-P MR: 0,3 - 10 ppm
     - PO4-P HR: 1 - 30 ppm
     - pH: 2-12
     - Temperature: 0-50 °C

Communication: GSM
Power requirements: 230V, 10 A, 1 phase
Maintenance requirement: every 6 months
Operating temperature: -10 - 40 °C
Maximum measurement frequency: 20-60 min

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