The Microlab Pilot Project

The MicroLab water quality testing system, developed by Water MiniLab, represents the latest generation of modern water treatment technologies. MicroLab is an automated, precise, and reliable tool that continuously monitors water quality, measuring critical parameters such as ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N), nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N), pH, and temperature (T).

Project Introduction and Installation

In December 2023, we installed the MicroLab system at a regional wastewater treatment plant with a daily capacity of 600-1500 m3. The main goal of the system's installation was to demonstrate its potential for energy savings and water quality control capabilities beyond legal requirements. An existing ammonium nitrogen analyzer at the plant served as a reference point for validating MicroLab's measurements.

Results and Efficiency

The pilot project showcased MicroLab's outstanding performance. The day after installation, the system detected a significant increase in ammonium nitrogen concentration, promptly alerting the facility, which allowed for immediate intervention. The alert function (email/SMS notification) proved exceptionally useful in operations, enabling operators to enjoy their Christmas holidays peacefully, knowing the system was reliably working and alerting them to potential issues.Based on data collected during the pilot, MicroLab operated stably and reliably without the need for long-term maintenance, thanks to its built-in calibration and self-cleaning functions. The automated alert system enabled operators to take immediate action upon any detected deviations, thus ensuring continuous compliance with water quality standards.


The MicroLab pilot project successfully demonstrated the system's capability to revolutionize water quality control and operational efficiency in wastewater treatment. The project's results supported MicroLab's potential for energy saving, operational cost reduction, and minimizing environmental impact. With timely and automated data provision, MicroLab can improve the operational efficiency of wastewater treatment plants, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations while reducing operational costs.

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The successes of the MicroLab pilot project clearly demonstrate the advantages of Water MiniLab's innovative water quality testing system. If you want to increase the efficiency of your wastewater treatment plant, reduce operational costs, and contribute to environmental protection, take the first step towards the future of water treatment! Discover how the MicroLab system can assist you in accurate, reliable water quality monitoring, and contribute to enhancing your operational efficiency.Feel free to contact us to find the solution that best suits your needs!

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